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Planting the seeds

of the future

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The mission of African Seed Company is ‘planting the seeds of the future’ – breeding high-yielding, stress-tolerant varieties of sorghum and soya, customised for local conditions.


African Seed Company’s team has been involved in Sierra Leonean agriculture since 2008 and has identified the lack of availability of locally bred / locally produced seeds as the fundamental impediment to economically sustainable farming.


African Seed Company has established the first certified seed production in Sierra Leone. Irrigated fields allow for year-round breeding and seed production. Seed grading equipment and a climate-controlled storage facility guarantee the purity and germination rate of the seeds that are supplied to farmers.


Growing sorghum, soya and rice in rotation helps farmer to enhance their soil fertility and contributes to a sustainable circular farming system. This makes farmers less vulnerable for fluctuations in market demand, it contributes to local sourcing and food security and reduces farmers’ exposure to climate change risks.


Developing high yielding crop varieties for local agro-ecologies & farming system

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Seed multiplication

Certified seed production, seed grading and climate-controlled storage


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